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The West target is primarily a copper target, located 5km west-southwest of the Camp Creek Target. Geology at the West Target is comprised of Triassic volcanic rocks of the Stuhini Group, and Jurassic argillite and conglomerate of the Laberge Group. These Mesozoic volcanic and sedimentary rocks are cut by an Eocene granodiorite (54.2 +/- 0.8Ma) and alkali feldspar granite batholith of the Sloko-Hyder Plutonic suite, some of which has been locally metamorphosed and migmatites are observed. Mineralization is vein-hosted and disseminated, with porphyry-style quartz-pyrite-chalcopyrite veins in the Eocene intrusive and Stuhini volcanic rocks. A float sample collected in 2020 assayed 4.27% Cu.