THorn Project

Gold, Copper, Silver


Geological and geochemical work completed on the Thorn Project, has outlined several significant copper-gold porphyry targets across the property.


The research has also revealed the existence of various types of mineralization in addition to copper-gold porphyry deposits. 

Epithermal mineralization, characterized by deposition from hydrothermal fluids near the Earth’s surface, and intrusion-related mineralization have been identified on the property. This diversification increases the potential for valuable mineral resources across different geological formations.


The Thorn Project displays a widespread presence of sulphide-bearing quartz and quartz-carbonate veins. 

These veins often contain minerals such as sericite and pyrite, indicating significant alteration in the surrounding rock formations. The high occurrence of sulphide-bearing veins suggests a favorable environment for the concentration of valuable minerals, including copper and gold.


The geological and geochemical work conducted on the Thorn Project has identified several significant copper-gold porphyry targets. 

This suggests the presence of mineral deposits rich in both copper and gold, which are highly desirable for mining operations.