Langis Project

Silver, Cobalt, Nickel


Mineralization at the Langis project consists of high-grade silver-cobalt assemblages, and moderate to high-grade base-metal sulphide assemblages.

A base metal sulphide assemblage makes up a significant proportion of the mineralization intersected at Langis, and consists of pyrite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, and rarely galena, pyrrhotite, and marcasite.


Medium to fine-grained sulphides are hosted in carbonate ± chlorite ± hematite ± quartz veins, with ± silver ± cobalt mineralization.


Mineralization is characterized by cobaltite, smaltite, and other silver arsenides in veins and veinlets.


Cobaltite Is generally coarse-grained and intergrown with finer silver and nickeline, while native silver occurs as flaky fracture coatings and hairline stingers near other mineralization.